Monday, September 17, 2012

Math, Observed

While I was reading the Ottawa Sun the other morning, I saw a complaint about students being below average in math. Here is what drew my attention.

I mention in one of my post before that calculators in schools should be banned. What happens when calculators are used is that the students know how to enter data to solve a math problem but most of them don’t know how to solve them without the calculator. I guess some would think they can always use their calculator if a problem comes up so the student doesn't have to use his/her brain to memorize how to solve them without that calculator.

I say calculators should be banned from schools up to grade 10 and by that time they should have the knowledge of solving math problems without that little gadget. That little gadget creates laziness. Once they reach grades 9 or 10 without the calculator they will have learned how to solve their math problems using their brain instead of depending on the calculator.

I’m sure when assigning homework math some times is given. I say if calculators were ever banned from the schools, math should not be given as home work as students could use their calculators at home and they would be graded on a level that they shouldn’t have been graded on.

Some teachers might not like that idea of banning those things, because with the student using them, it would make it easier for them to check the students work in math but at the same time if the students manage to get good marks on math without using them, it would also show that the teacher is making sure that his or her students understand how to solve the math problems with their brain. It would also be beneficial if the teachers are graded according to how their student are graded.

That’s my rant of the day.

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