Sunday, August 14, 2011

OTC: Ottawa Transit union silliness

An Ottawa bus driver recently got caught driving on his route with passengers on his bus. A rider had taken a cell phone video of him, showing him filling out some kind of form while driving and even occasionally using his knees to hold the steering wheel. He also had a briefcase on his lap. Now the union wants to make it illegal to take a picture of the bus drivers. They claim its invading their privacy.

Who are these people? Are they going to try and tell us that these drivers are immune to accidents? They are no better then anyone else driving a vehicle. A city bus can cause more serious accident then an ordinary car, so it is especially mandatory that they be alert and attentive.

True, they have to be trained to drive a bus, but are they supplied with some kind of magic that would prevent them from getting into an accident? It only takes a second for an accident to happen. Bus driver or not, they are human being and they can get into an accident just as quick as anyone else.

The union say that it should be illegal to take pictures of these drivers because it interferes with their privacy. What a poor excuse that is. Can anyone tell me on what job do you work that your not going to have any interference in your privacy? Even a doctor has his privacy disturbed while working, or anyone else as far as that goes.

Even though this guy was driving irresponsibly he never got fired. The reason is supposedly that he has a good record. I would be willing to bet that this was not the first time that he pulled this kind of stunt but this time he got caught. I give this person a big salute for having taken a video of him for risking other people injuries and even lives using that kind of driving.

The union wants to hide them from being exposed to this kind of driving. Well, too bad. If you want privacy above public safety, either don't work there or don't be surprised if people who value their own safety start looking for alternative means of transportation and you end up out of a job anyway. Really, safety first.

That’s my rant of the day.

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