Monday, August 22, 2011

The Federal Liberals

I was reading the Ottawa citizen this morning and I ran across an article about Bob Rae. In it he was discussing the loss the Liberals suffered in the last election in Quebec. The interim leader never mentioned that they did not get too many votes in any of the other provinces.

If they had gotten a reasonable amount of votes, they wouldn't have lost so many seats. He also stated that they have to try and regain the support of Quebec.

Mr. Rae, I hope that you don’t think that the people in Quebec can’t read or don't have a memory. We will remember the sponsorship scandal that was perpetrated by the Liberals. Even though we are not in Ontario, we also remember what you did to that Province when you were the Premier. We also see what has happened to that province with another Liberal government - it went from a 'have' province to a 'have not' province.

The only thing you people think about once you are in power is money and taxes - nothing else matters. All I have to say is that the people that voted for you in your riding must be short on memory because if they weren't, you would not have been voted in to represent them. But that doesn't mean Canadians in general don't remember or don't see.

You say you want to build up the Liberal party? I have a solution and a good one. Why don’t you pack your bags and bring the rest of those Liberals with you and emigrate to some other country. See if you guys can screw them up just like you guys did to us. They must have some spare tax money for you somewhere. May I suggest you also bring the provincial Liberals along with you.

That is my rant of the day.

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