Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bribe money

Here we go again with Ontario provincial Liberals. Has anyone ever noticed this scenario? Throughout the term of the Liberals, if they are asked to contribute to a project that would serve the citizens better, they always claim that there is no money for it. But when it gets close to election time, somehow money reappears that was not supposed to be available because the province could not afford it.

It's getting close to provincial election time again and all of a sudden, $175 million was 'found' to donate to a new facility’s at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

I guess they have already figured out how to get that money back if they are re-elected. I would be willing to say that if they are re-elected, the provincial tax will be raised maybe another 1% to recover that money plus whatever else they could raise money on. Maybe more tax on gas.

I hear a lot of rumbling about Tim Hudak from the PC party not saying anything about what his plans are if he gets elected. I think I would do the same thing if I was a politician running against Liberals, because they are well known for their lies during and after elections. They are well versed in that kind of politics. Not that the others don’t do the same, but they are not as good as the Liberals when it comes to lying.


Here is something that really bothers me. When Mr. Layton left to go for treatment for cancer he chose Turmel as the interim leader of the NDP. Now that Mr. Layton is deceased, I was just wondering if she’s going to become the actual leader or if they are going to replace her.

The only reason I’m wondering about this is that she belonged to the separatist party for a long time (the Bloc). Although she says that she has renounce that, that she has become a true Federalist. She has not been a Federalist long enough to show us that she is not a separatists anymore. If the party does elect someone else to be the leader, I hope that person will not do something to discourage the people that have elected them in the first place. Hopefully they don't turn their votes for the Liberals and Conservatives, come next election because they are the only two that would be available.

If it came to that, I hope Prime Minister Harper would win big time and the Liberals go down the drain yet again. The Liberals might have a chance of rebuilding if they would elect some one else as Leader because Iggy was a drain on the party just like Bob Rae is (and maybe even worse considering what he did as Premier of Ontario).

That was my opinion and have a good day.

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