Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Television: sickening

I was looking at the blog called Nonsensible Shoes this morning and there was an odd ad called 'We the People'.  I followed the link and where it says "News of the day" I read where it said 'Fall TV: Heavy on Sex'. I'm not sure why the ad turned up there but it led me to a thought about sex on TV;  really, what’s new?

I don’t mind 'heavy on sex' but I do mind at the way that females are treated in most of these movies and shows. I find that they are treated as nymphomaniacs and to me its not proper to even hint that they are. I've noticed that in most movies that a man stares at a woman and the next thing you know they are having sex and some it’s the woman that drags the man in.

But that's relatively minor.  What really gets to me are the sickening episodes.  For example (and skip this paragraph if you have a weak stomach), there was this movie that I watched this woman who had been kidnapped. She got away and ran into this house and went in to a room and she started to scream. She was pregnant and she’s standing there screaming her head off. For some unknown and illogical reason, her legs spread apart and all of a sudden blood and some other garbage start falling from her private parts. Disgusting. The blood and all looked so real that my dinner came up just as fast as it had went in.

Another example was a cannibal movie I once saw. This guy kills a woman then you can guess what he does. You could tell he was enjoying it. Stuff like that should not be shown in a movie because if your sitting in front of the TV while your eating dinner and some thing like that comes up and you have a good imagination well you just went on a diet.  I realize that its only a movie but they make it look so real that it's sickening.  More importantly, it is glorifying vile behaviour and victimizing women.

Then there are the violent video games.Some of these video game makers must have truly violent minds because some of them are so violent it's shocking. Some people could be influenced by them and then it becomes a reality and some one really gets hurt or killed.  I just do not understand why this type of stuff is available or is even seen as some form of entertainment.  Exactly who is entertained by this sort of gruesome garbage?  And shouldn't they be under observation somewhere?

Some people wonder where people might get violent ideas from that they carry out in real life? Television, movies and games give unstable minds some ideas that can easily become a reality.

In today's world it seems like killing of all sorts have become a fad. Killing, and torture is not even limited to humans but also poor innocent animals like cats and dogs.

If God has a river of fire then he better turn that into and ocean. If it’s a pit of fire, He better make sure that it’s a deep one. There's plenty to fill it up.

That’s my sickening rant of the day.

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