Sunday, August 28, 2011

Alcoholism and drugs.

This little store at the corner by my place opens at 8:00 am. The other day I needed some bread so I went down to buy some first thing when it opened. I wasn't in that store 5 minutes when this woman came in and went straight to the fridge where the beer was. Less than a minute later she turned around and yelled at the lady at the counter, asking "Where is the Labatt's Blue?" The clerk at the counter answered her quite politely that they had ran out of it but that she would have some during the day. Believe it or not that clerk really got a speech from this alcoholic woman. I felt like telling the woman to get out.

On another occasion in the same store I was in buying something and this woman came in with a little girl of about 5 years old. She went to the fridge where the beer was and got a 2 litre bottle of beer. Meanwhile the little girl was looking at the Gatorade bottles in another section of the fridge. She asked her mom if she could have one and the answer she got was I don’t have any money for that. I got mad and I told the lady to give her one and that I would pay for it. She hesitated then gave her one then I paid for what I had bought and also for the kid's drink. Then went out. The little girl had kept on thanking me all the time I was in the store.

I have no use for this kind of person - they would rather let their kids do without just so they can have their booze (or drugs).

How many kids have suffered for lack of food and clothing for these types of people? How many mothers have suffered beatings because of alcoholism and drugs in the family? How many woman are out prostituting themselves to feed their kids just because of someone not being able to control themselves?

How many murders and robberies have been committed because of alcohol? And it's not only alcohol but also drugs. How many woman and little girls and boys got raped because of alcohol and drugs? Some of these creeps will do anything to get what they want. These are people that can’t face the reality of life and they abuse alcohol and drugs just to get away from their ills.

When I hear a lawyer defending a client in court for some criminal activities for which their client is accused, saying to the judge, "But your honour, my client had drank too much at the time and did not realize what he was doing" (or "he was on drugs"), it makes me want to vomit. That's no defense. Alcohol is not the problem, self-control is the problem and alcohol or drug abuse are just another symptom of a lack of self control on the part of the accused (that is, assuming they really were guilty of course).

That’s my rant of the day

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