Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Since I’ve started following the politics of the USA I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions. The questions that I’ve been asking myself are listed below.  I've also included my conclusions so far.

(1)  Is there a leader? My answer is NO

(2)  Is there a supposed-to-be- leader who pretends to like America? YES

(3)  Does he seem to be some kind of a racist? YES

(4)  Does he seem to be biased against white people in his actions and decisions? YES

(6)  Does he seem to want to turn the country into a third world country or a communist one? YES

(7)  Are the citizens supposed to have someone to represent them in the government?

(8)  Do they? NO

(9)  Instead, do they have some kind of a dictator? YES

(10)  Is he truthful? NO

(11)  Do most people think he’s a liar? YES

(12)  Does he appear to like and respect the Constitution? NO

(13)  Does somethings that is written in the constitution interfere with his thinking? YES

(14)  Does he attempt to ignore the Constitution to get what he wants? YES

(15)  Does he write Executive Orders to bypass Congress? YES

(16)  Is he worried about the security of the nation? NO

(17) Did he ever state that he would stand for the Muslims if he had a choice? YES

(18) By listening to some of his statements, would I say he is religious?  NO

(19) Could he be the Anti-Christ? YES

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here.

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