Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blame it on Québèc.

I can just here it now on the radio station CFRA. I would say when the provincial government of Ontario is bankrupt and eventually the nation, I am willing to bet that some smart, supposedly educated fool will blame the province of Québec for it. They will say that the federal government transferred too much money to Québec instead of blaming the federal and provincial governments for not having the knowledge of how to manage the nation. For example Justin Trudeau said "The economy will take care of itself." What a stupid statement from a man who is now prime minister.

I wish someone would tell this prime minister that there are no money trees that grow anywhere and that the Canadian government should take care of its own citizens before giving billions to other countries. I would say if those countries can’t take care of their own economy now, they never will. I would say the money given to them might help at the time but after that it’s over they will be waiting for more.

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