Saturday, March 26, 2016

Massacre of children

When I checked Facebook the other morning I went to my page and what I saw on the picture I found hard to believe what I was seeing. Sadists, killers and murderers and whatever else you want to call those assholes in ISIS. 200 school children being shot in Paris France. Now what could those school kids could have done to have their life terminated by a bunch of ISIS thugs?

Those so called humans are protected by some politicians who refuse to believe this is already a war declared by ISIS. I believe that some politicians have convinced themselves that if they leave ISIS alone ISIS will not attack us. All I can say to this is if those so called humans can slaughter kids like they have done in Paris France will not attack anyone because of their belief than you people can put that political correctness garbage where the sun don’t shine and sit on it just to make sure it doesn’t come out.

Those ISIS 'people' are proving sneaky by having some of their people infiltrate the refugees that go into different countries. And when there are enough of them then they get organized and attack innocent people. It doesn’t matter if the people being killed are children, adults or disabled. Why? Because they use Allah as an excuse to commit their atrocities. I believe on one of my rants I had a video that shows what is happening in Europe.

Good reading and have a good day.

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