Thursday, March 31, 2016

Prime Minister Trudeau

I watched this video today. Now I’m sorry I didn’t opened it before the last federal election was held here in Canada a couple of months ago.

The only thing I can say after I opened this video is watch it yourself and then make up your own minds about it. As you watch the video get ready to pause it when the writing comes on or you might miss something

To me we are no better off then what the USA has now - a self-appointed king. The video shows that our Prime Minister is not what he pretends to be (a real Canadian) but rather a Muslim. Apparently the prayer that he recites in the mosque he’s giving his beliefs to Allah. Maybe he doesn't know that, or doesn't care because he is a non-believer. But if this video happens to be correct then we are in a very bad shape. I will say one thing that is definite, he had pulled our fighter planes back from bombing ISIS very quickly. On Facebook someone said that Obama indicated he wanted to adopt Trudeau and they would be like two peas in a pod.

From what I can see if all this is true then we are sitting ducks if we are ever invaded by radical Islamists. Now how is the security of the nation and of the citizens being provided? I don't feel particularly secure any more. Do you? Its’ like I mentioned above, just watch the video and make up your own minds. I personally find it hard to believe the specifics but a video is a video and it could be true, or even partly true.

This is my short rant of the day.

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