Thursday, May 30, 2013

American politics.

I never used to read about American politics too much because I wasn't interested. I started to try to be more interested in there politics because a friend of mine. Even though he is a Canadian he's interested in American politics.  He also told me he was interested in becoming an American citizen. I would advise my friend not to jump to conclusions about that at this time.  I'd  recommend he wait until the Americans elect someone that can actually lead the country and someone who tells the truth about things when something serious happens.  They need someone in charge who is not scared of taking action against anyone in the administration that would break the rules of whatever dept. they were employed at or in charge of running.

The USA also needs someone that can use diplomacy and still know when takes action once diplomacy has failed to achieve a solution.  This morning I didn’t have anything to do - as usual - so I decided to check out another blog. I read this blog often because it’s all about politics and what he writes, he gives the reason and proof of what he has written.  From what I read on that blog this morning about all the scandals that have happened (and more are being disclosed) I would say the only ones that would profit by the way things are going, are the terrorists.  The plow called diplomacy has passed and cleared the way.

Oh another thing I almost forgot to mention. Those little insect drones that are flying around everywhere concern me.  You'd  better make sure that you have curtains in your windows as you wouldn’t want the little insects to see what kind of  pajamas or housecoat that you wear or to whom you are making love. The way I see it the Mafia is more organized then the American way of organizing a government at this time.  I’m just saying this because anyone that steps out of line with the Mafia, they are gone and there are no two ways about it. As for diplomacy it has no place in this organization. Now mind you I’m only writing about the news that I read and about what some bloggers write especially when everything is written in detail.

That's my wandering rant for today.

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