Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to weaken a Nation.

If I wanted to weaken a nation that I was in charge of running, there would be six things that I would do that would ensure the nation was significantly weakened or harmed.  The question I ask, is why would a leader of any nation want to deliberately weaken the nation they are in charge of running?  Nevertheless, when you look at my six things I would do, they are being done in the United States.

Here are the six things I would do that would guarantee a weaker nation:

  • Firstly I would weaken the military by any means.  One quick and simple way to do this is via cuts to its budget.
  • Secondly, I would have the government agencies and branches spends as if there was no tomorrow.
  • Thirdly, I would raise taxes on businesses and high income earners to ensure that they seek to take their talents elsewhere.
  • Fourth, I would make sure that employers are required to contribute to a pension for the employees. The resulting cuts to the bottom line profits of the employers would drive some employers to close down or downsize for loss of profits. The result of that reaction would be a loss of jobs
  • Fifth, I would try to make sure that healthcare costs are raised so a lot of people could not afford it. The irony is that Obamacare - supposedly created to reduce health care costs - is in fact raising those costs.
  • Sixth, I would reduce the wages of doctors. This would more or less encourage Doctors to retire early or move to another country.
The results of all this would be small and big businesses closing, putting people out of work and more people lining up for unemployment checks and this would affect the revenues from taxes for the government. Not having enough doctors to take care of the citizens when they need a doctor would be another outcome
All of these things are happening a bit at a time and therefore are not always noticeable.  But it’s just like a forest; you can't see it because of all the trees, but if you look at it a bit at a time, that is when you realize what is there - a forest, or in the case of the United States, a weakened nation.

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