Monday, December 17, 2012

Government Priorities

Wouldn't it be nice if the government would finally decide which is worse for human’s health and safety before telling us what we can do and what we cannot do?  I’m referring to this smoking habit and  consumption of alcohol. All I have to say about smoking, I will agree that smoking is bad but not as bad as the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

Alcohol attacks the liver and can bring on death.  It drives some people to commit all kinds of crimes.  Some abusers end up in rehab or in hospitals. Smoking can bring on death just as well from blocked arteries and blood cloth and plaque on the heart and arteries but it doesn't drive a person to commit crimes like alcohol and drugs do. I realize that these bad habits affect the brain but smoking regular tobacco is the less of the three evils I mentioned.  Drugs can be as bad or even far worse than alcohol depending on the type of drug.  

I know the government goes after both druggies and smokers. Smoking though, has less effect the user’s brain and is the least dangerous one as far as violence and crime are concerned. But it seems to be the most picked on. One law where it’s against the law to smoke (and I agree with), is no smoking in an automobile when there are kids aboard.  But that's a bit of an exception.  Most anti-smoking laws are not so logical.

One law I find stupid and I mean stupid is the law in many places that forbids smoking outside in the fresh air. I just don’t see the logic in that. I can even understand not smoking in a closed in area, but not outside. 

Some will say as a defense of this law that there could be kids around and it could give them the idea of trying it. In the meantime it’s all over the TV. Turn the TV on and most of the time the actors or actresses light up or are already smoking.

Kids these days get most bad habits at school and from video games or watching TV (and to be fair, in some homes also). My only bad habit that I know of is smoking and I will keep on smoking till the day I die. I don’t indulge in any consumption of alcohol and I’m not hurting anyone, so stay the hell out of my private life. That means anyone - including the government.

Have a good day.

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