Saturday, December 15, 2012

The trial of Casey Anthony

I don’t know why, but I can’t get the trial of Casey Anthony out of my mind for the simple reason, that I think they have accused the wrong person in Casey Anthony. I think that the murder of her daughter was committed not by her but by someone else. I think I have a good idea has to who did it to frame Casey.

What I heard and observed what went on in the court room at her trial, plus the fact to what was said on a video that was just out on Fox.  News by her lawyer, convinced me that she was more or less framed by the killer.  This video that I mentioned that I happened see, got me thinking about it again. I've loaded it below but it seems to load quite slowly - so I've added the link.

I would suspect at least two more people of killing Casey Anthony's child other than Casey Anthony herself.  One suspect stands out more in my mind after seeing the conduct of both of these people in the court room.  

I don’t think that Casey Anthony did it, but I am convinced that she knows who did.  It's likely she doesn't want to talk. I couldn't say with certainty why any of the others that I suspect would want to kill Casey's daughter. But the main suspect in my mind would have a better reason or motive. I suspect the murder was done to cover up other unspeakable actions.  If a body is left to the elements like her body was, in would destroy all evidence (or most) of what was done to her before the killing of this little innocent  girl.

It seems to me that there simply wasn't enough investigation done of the other potential suspects. In the court room trials that were shown on TV and the evidence brought forward and the questioning during the trials all point to the notion that the police did their work as expected.  By that I mean they pursued a specific outcome they believed was the correct one.

To a bystander like myself, who is familiar with investigations, the outcome seems flawed.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, there is nothing else to do now in this case or any other except to try and enjoy my retirement and keep my nose on the news.  You can’t depend too much on the news as to who is telling the real truth in reporting, you have to take some and forget some. When it is shown on a video by the person in this case herself and her lawyer then it’s more believable.

That is my rant of the day. Have a good day.

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