Thursday, August 7, 2014

Committing suicide (Part II)

Continued from here.

Now I’m not smoking any more. But I know all the smoking from the past has caught up to me. Now I have what they call Melanoma, which is sort of a skin cancer. The first piece of evidence is on my hand and the second is between my shoulder and neck. Also, now I have a lump starting on my throat.

I will say if you are a smoker you`d better quit before it gets to the point that you start getting sick because of it. That garbage sneaks up on you and before you realize it your heart starts getting weak and you drown in your own fluids.  Your lungs being full of fluids as your heart loses power and then your kidneys shutting down is a terrible thing. That is why I called this committing suicide and no one that smokes gets away from what this smoking does to your health.

No one.  You are not a special case. And 10, 20 or 60 years from now, when it catches up to you, you will regret it, deeply.

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