Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is the USA turning into a police state, or a communist or third world nation?

When I opened up Newsmax, the other day, there was a message below a picture that said "Stop giving battlefield equipment to police.” Unfortunately I haven't been able to re-locate the picture to share with you, but my point is about the caption anyway.  To my way of thinking, I don’t see any reason why the police should have been given certain types of battlefield equipment. It's like they are a military unit and not police.  This type of action makes me think that either the government thinks that citizens are ready rise up against the government or they are needed to help fight an invasion, or martial law is about to be declared for a government takeover of everything.

It was not too long ago that U.S. the government wanted to disarm all the citizens of their weapons,and some still think that's a good idea.  Many in fact think that way. But it would be a foolish thing to allow the government to do.  Especially since now the are supplying police with this type of equipment.  This all looks kind of fishy to me. 

With all the lies being told to citizens, with no transparency in the government, and with all the scandals and all the cover ups, further arming police and disarming citizens is a bad combination. There are a lot of things that I could say, but the only evidence I have is what I read in the news and what my suspicious mind conjures up. The news these days is only half believable. The other half you have to wait and see. Most of the time now, news is written as entertainment instead of being factual. What I mean by that is some reporters embellish too much on what they report for their own personal reasons.  And that does not help at a time when the U.S. seems to be turning into a police state.

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