Monday, August 25, 2014

Mr. McCain.

UPDATE:  Link was broken, it is now fixed.

Do you think that making this kind of statement will make any difference to Mr. Obama?  I would say if you Americans had a president that was less interested in playing golf and more interested in  looking at what he was doing to the nation, then maybe the type of statement McCain made might have an impact. Then Obama might listen and start doing the job of leading the nation, instead of weakening it.  Then he might be a leader of a nation that used to be feared and/or respected all over the world as the leading nation that it used to be.

Now it seems to say “come on over and do whatever you want, we welcome anyone and it makes no difference who you are or what you stand for” Now because of this kind of attitude, this nation that used to be looked up as a great nation has been degraded to almost nothing. As long as this president is in charge of the country, what used to be a great nation could eventually cease to exist. According to every bit of news that I can read and what this president is doing and not doing I would say this man should never have been elected. Of course it seems that if you can talk the ears off people and tell them what they want to hear and convince them everything is fine and dandy, you’re elected. Folks that’s all the liberals (another name for them is Democrats) need to get elected.

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