Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keystone XL pipeline

According to what I’ve read, it seems by the way that it’s written that Obama is the only one to blame for not giving the okay for the pipe line. I would disagree with that thinking. I would rather think that some Democrats and Republicans might have some interest with some competitors and are willing to sacrifice the creation of jobs for the American people because of their greed for money.

I would say it would be safe for them to blame Obama. It seems to have become a fad on blaming him for almost everything that has gone wrong since he was elected. Myself, I wouldn’t trust him. Could it be that because of his yes men, he hesitates to put his name on the dotted line as he wouldn’t want to offend anyone? 

If what I’m claiming the reasons to be for Keystone XL not going ahead are true, then it’s true that some people have no regards for the welfare of the nation, preferring to serve their own wallet.  These sorts of people have no business being in a position where they can put themselves ahead of the good of the nation.

Obama has done enough things he can be blamed for and doesn’t need any help to be partly blamed for something that he might want to do.

That is my rant and my opinions of the day.

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