Saturday, April 27, 2013

Respect for America is disappearing

The respect that was once given to the USA by the rest of the world, it seems that it has been replace by disrespect, hatefulness and mistrust by a lot of countries -- even countries that are supposed to be friends of the USA. If all the reports from the media are to be believed there is always one country that always has something to say against the USA.

We hear a lot about diplomacy which is good, because with the weapons that have been developed, this has become a dangerous world. Without diplomacy, it could be a disaster. There is such a thing as diplomacy being used to gain time to finish whatever an enemy would want to accomplish and therefore diplomacy becomes a tool for the enemy of a country if its keeps on and on without any sign of showing results.

Iran is a good example of this. That is the impression I get from reading the news. How many times there were meetings in regards to their nuclear ambitions? It has all been to no avail. Diplomacy works most of the time but when it's stretched too far it becomes a tool for the enemy. North Korea without any diplomacy could have brought on a disaster.  But the tyrants there could have been wiped off the map.  This time diplomacy from the USA and China may have worked.

What surprised me is that the president of the USA sending B2 bombers to show what North Korea would have to deal with if they didn't stand down. Now I wonder if a show of force would work the same with the Iranians. I really think that it will happen eventually, because I don’t think that these people will stop working to obtain nuclear bombs. They’re determent to do away with Israel.  I just hope that diplomacy is not pushed too far that it would give them time achieve their goal.

That's my rant for the day.

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