Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Funny people

This is the time of the year that I enjoy going for a walk and expecting to see some people’s actions and manners while walking. I call these funny people, although some acts committed by some of them can be gross and others just plain laughable and stupid. Here's an example of what happened on my first walk to Ottawa this year.

Let me start by explaining why I walk to Ottawa.  I live in the Gatineau sector of Hull and to go to Ottawa from where I live, I have to cross a bridge called the Inter-provincial Bridge.  By doing so you end up in downtown Ottawa. I like to go for walks, and walking to Ottawa is longer but a nice change from walking the same streets of Hull every day.

So, for my first walk to Ottawa this year, I wasn't on that bridge for five minutes when I spotted what I was looking for - a couple of these funny people. I should add that this old bridge, is built solidly with big steel beams because the trains used to pass on this bridge and of course for reinforcement, the top of this bridge was built like an archway.

Now as I was walking toward where this woman was standing, I noticed that she was yelling and swearing and her hands were up in the air and with one shaky finger she was pointing at the archway.  She was really giving it a blast of what she thought. I thought to myself that maybe she was talking to someone on a cell phone but when I looked for one, I couldn't see one. Funny.  Maybe she was crazy, but it was entertaining in a way.

Then the other one, just a couple feet away from this woman, I noticed each time someone would get close to him, he would turn around and start banging away on the railing of the bridge and look at the passerby with a big grin and eyes open as big as a loony. It was a real look of a maniac. I took a good look thinking that he had a radio or something, but no, he was just a happy person in his own little world just like the woman.  Of course she was not too happy in her little world, at least on that morning the way those beams were getting blasted by her.

I hope we have a nice weekend coming up.  Then I can check out Rideau Street and Bank Street.  Those are the streets that have people like that night and day, seven days a week.

That’s my rant of the day.  Maybe it's not exactly a rant so much as an observation, but I wanted to share it with you.

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