Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have never heard so much criticism against a province, as I hear lately from the province of Ontario about the province of Québec. And it always seems to come from the same people that call in to the radio station CFRA on the Lowell Green talk show every  morning.

First there was a complaint, which was against what was on the Québec licence plate “I remember” apparently that's an insult. The next issue is that in Québec we are a bunch of separatists. Last but not least the federal government gives too much money to Québec in equalization payments and they don’t like their money going to this province.  A new variation of this last complaint this morning on the talk show, someone  said “ I don’t like my money going to a separatist government.” That's a lot of complaints and criticism.

 I almost forgot one other criticism they have. This is also supposed to be the most corrupt province in Canada. 

People in Ontario can criticize this province as much as they want but I only wish that instead of spending their time criticizing this province, they should vote those provincial Liberals out the next election as  they are just as bad as the Liberals we had here provincially. Liberals are Liberals. It seems the first thing on their agenda is “ What can we tax next? ” Liberals - federally or provincially should not even exist in fact they should be called wallet diggers if they insist on being a political party and that would give people a warning as to what they can expect by voting for them.

I know, I’m sorry from jumping from my criticism  from the complaints about Québec to Liberals but when I hear or even think about Liberals I go off track in my thinking.
Have a good day.

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