Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When a person’s ego takes over

When a person’s ego takes over the thinking of an individual, it’s time for that person to sit back and think of the consequences that it could have on making proper decisions. That problem is particularly acute if you are the leader of the free world and you are allowing personal opinion to drive foreign policy, and your ego won't allow you to reconsider your positions.

Could he be thinking I will show them how you get away with diplomacy instead of war? Or could it be that he doesn’t like violence? When the President of the USA makes a speech or is interviewed, it’s easy to see that the man is well educated just by the way he talks. But you can also see that he has a big ego and that oversized ego will be his downfall. Another thing that I find wrong with him is that he doesn’t seem to know when he’s pushing diplomacy too far or waiting to see if his sanctions will work.

Take Iran for instance, we all know by now that diplomacy and sanctions doesn’t work with them and according to reports, it's making things a little harder for the Iranians but still they are holding up. I guess while waiting for the sanctions will have so much affect that Iran might decide to give up on their quest for nuclear weapons, in the mean time, it doesn’t stop Iran from keeping on working to acquire those weapons.

I’m not eager for violence at any time but when the need we arises to use it (then and only then). I know diplomacy can bring better results than war when dealing with sensible people but some of these people don’t seem to know what sensibility is. Diplomacy, after it’s tried and sanctions and threats with military action don’t work, then it’s time for action.  With all this uproar going on in the Third World countries it’s not time to reduce the size of the military as it would show a sign of weakness. Yet that’s what these countries would want. This president of the USA is giving the enemies of the country time to regroup and become stronger and arm themselves with better weapons by trying to avoid military action as long as possible. If Iran is not stopped before they finally get their bomb then say goodbye to this world as we know it.

This President in a sense seems to try and keep away from violence as much as possible, which is good but if by chance he’s re-elected he will have to make up his mind one way or another on Iran. When I hear reports about how much time it will take Iran to have their nuclear bomb it makes me laugh because they are only guessing about the time. Has anyone ever seen their advancement visually as to how far they have come in building a bomb? I can tell you that no one has or else it would be reported all over. 

So this president is locked into a position and I think it is because he believes he is right.  He believes he is smarter from everybody, so he must be right.  His ego has taken over.  That's dangerous.
That’s all I have to say on this so far and these are my opinions

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