Sunday, October 7, 2012

I hate the middle of the month

I hate the middle of the month, any month, for the simple reason that it's when the mail box gets filled up with junk mail.  It's when all the garbage of  flyers come in. And here, I don’t know about Ontario, not only does it come by mail, but then they also have people dropping some off  at the door during the day, already in a recyclable plastic bag of some kind. I'm not sure why they do it at the middle of the month.  Actually, they also do it when pensions and welfare cheques come in.. During those times look out and get your recycling bin ready because its going to be well fed.

Here there are only two of us living in this house and of course, the recycling is only picked up every two weeks. In those two weeks we manage to fill up the bin and some times we have to store some in other boxes.  We're talking about a very large bin. And its mostly all advertising that fills it. That's way too much.  

Another  source of recycling for us that is no less irritating is more flyers that land on my lawn when there is a big wind or because of someone looking in different neighbors bins looking for pop bottles. When people do that, more often than not they let the papers fly away.  They are too lazy or unconcerned to pick them up and drop them in the bin that they were scrounging through. The last source of recycling that bothers me is from  people who are walking by and they have finished their pop or beer or snack and are to lazy to bring them home and dispose of them properly, so they just throw it on your lawn. Some people are hateful.

That doesn't have to be middle of the month, but like I said, the bulk of the recycling comes from flyers and they've chosen the middle of the month to send them, seemingly almost all at once.  I have no idea why, but it sure makes me look forward to the middle of the month being over.

That’s my rant of the day.

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