Monday, October 1, 2012

Free doom of speech

Freedom of speech is like diplomacy and in the words of Israel’s President there “should be a red line”.

Having the privilege to be able to express one's opinion is good, but not when an opinion would be the cause of rioting, killings and destruction This was the case of the little movie about the Prophet Mohammad which not only caused killings and destruction but it was easy to tell, that it was a hate film. Some good people were killed because of a stupid person not using their brain. That is, if there was any brain at all in the making of this piece of garbage.

No one can convince me, that this was done without thinking of what the results of this thing could do. No, I think this person knew exactly what he was doing and if he didn't, then he belongs in a funny farm, because this type of person is dangerous, not only to other people but to himself. 

I think this person should be charged, held responsible for the lives that were eliminated so he could show his hatred for Muslims.. After seeing this piece of garbage I realized that this man was to show his hate for the Muslims. That is my opinion. When it comes to another person's faith no one should be allowed to voice an opinion unless its said in a proper way without showing any malice towards it. That goes for anyone and I don’t care who that could be - even presidents or the Queen. 

Those are my opinions. Have a good day.

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