Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Premier of Ontario

I don’t even want to write his name down the way he’s putting himself first before the province of Ontario.

This man has already taken Ontario from a have to a have-not province. According to news reports he has signed contracts for billions of dollars with a Korean company for a windmill project, then pledged millions for an extension the Civic hospital in Ottawa. In the Sun newspaper this morning you will find on the front page what this Premier has just said. But of course if you look in the citizen newspaper you will find it buried on page eight because that newspaper is all for the Liberals.

Now he says that he will give a tax credit of $10,000 to any businesses that hire an immigrant and reduce by 30% the tuition fees for College and University students providing the income of the family combined is less then $160,000. University students would save $1600 per year and a College student $730 per year.

I realize that he knows he has to do something to con the people into giving him another term. I guess he doesn’t have to con too many people because as I see it people were stupid enough to elect him in the first place and look where it got them: a Province that’s close to being bankrupt if it isn't yet.

The idea of a tax break for hiring new immigrants is a bad idea. Why? This could bring on racism where there was none before. Also, an unscrupulous business person could let a worker go in order to hire an immigrant to get that tax credit. They could end up excluding a union person from a job they are really suited to do. When it comes to summer holidays, a Canadian citizen student would have trouble getting a job to help pay for his or her tuition. That's a lot of problems with this idea.

This Premier doesn’t care about the province one bit. He comes out with these goodies just to get re-elected. I say if some people are stupid enough to vote for him again that’s because they don’t pay enough attention to what is going on in their Province. Doesn’t anyone realize by now that a Liberal politician only has one thing in mind and that’s "me and me and no one else - I look after me first." This Premier has been baptized the tax man.

That’s my rant of the day.

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