Sunday, September 18, 2011

Are you clean?

I'd rather shower.
While taking a shower this morning and then rinsing the soap off me, I watched the soap run off and then a thought came to my mind about when someone takes a bath.

They fill up the bath tub get everything ready - towel, soap, shampoo and whatever else they need. Then they wash and after they are finished, they come out and think that they are clean. Well I don’t think that they are. I would prefer a shower and when you come out, then you can claim to be clean.

When taking a shower and rinsing off, the water goes down the drain and once the soap is rinsed off, then you know you are clean, because that dirt that you had on you, was in the soap suds and it was taken away when you rinsed off.

When you take a bath and rinse off, you are using the same water and soap that you used to take the dirt off you. In other words you rinsed yourself off with the dirt that you removed from your body and now its in the water and soap suds. Now you can ask yourself am I clean? To me the answer would be no.

When a person comes out from taking a bath and goes by you, you can still smell the soap that was used. The exception is if it was some kind of lotion that’s suppose to leave an aroma after taking a bath. Even then, if you don’t rinse off properly, the soap leaves a film on your skin and you can smell it. But that happens far less when you take a shower, because your using running water to rinse off and not dirty water like you would from the bath tub.

I could be wrong but logically I would say I’m right. That’s my weird rant of the day.

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