Monday, September 12, 2011

Dual personality

I don’t know for sure but to me, alcohol seems to brings out a second personality in some people after a certain amount has been consumed. I know some people that have a nice personality and they would give you the moon if they could. After consuming a certain amount of alcohol, they are not the same people at all. These people do not have any friends or family at all. Once the alcohol hits their brain they become strangers.

That is where in their mind, they are the best in the world and they know it all, and as for the language that they use, it is unforgivable. They must think that they are immune to everything. It’s too bad alcohol works like that on some people's mind. They don’t think of other people's feelings either. They think only of their own feelings - don’t try to have a talk with them. Once they are under the influence, they are the only ones that can talk.

It’s not tobacco that the government should try to stop people from using, its alcohol they should try and stop. Alcohol causes just as much problems in this world as does money. I have never heard of an accident or robbery because of someone being under the influence of Nicotine.

That is my rant of the day.

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