Monday, June 6, 2011

Calculators and Cellular Phones in Schools

Calculators and cellular phones just should not be allowed in schools. I find that they are more of a distraction than any good they might offer. My reasons for thinking this?

Cellular telephones

Some students will go to the bathroom to use them and some will even text even at their desk. This interferes with their studies. It's also dangerous for the ones that don’t use common sense, for example, not looking where they are going. Students texting and not checking for traffic before crossing the street, is not an unheard of scenario.

These cellular telephones are more of a menace now by being able to text with them. Almost every day we hear about deadly accidents because of them. It's because some people are ignorant or stupid and they don’t think of the consequences of placing their focus in the wrong place. Schools age children are especially vulnerable to the lures of technology - they are toys for them.


Calculators are good, but not in schools. By having a calculator in school, the student is not learning properly, or robustly. He or she does not learn to calculate with their brain. Take away the calculator and give them a problem in math and most of them cannot do it. They may know how to go about solving it, but most of them can’t because the calculator was doing all the work.

That's my rant - be sure to have a safe day.

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  1. Two other things that don't belong in schools: knives and guns.

    Take away the gun and give them a problem in math and they still can't do it, but at least no one gets shot.


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