Saturday, June 11, 2011

Warehouse (for people).

Not me.
Whenever I would go and visit my mother in a senior citizens building. The thought that came to my mind was that I was coming into a warehouse of old people just waiting to die. Then I began to feel sorry for the ones that were in there. I realize some were moved in there because relatives could not take care of them or they could not afford it or just wanted to put them away because the relatives did not want to care of them. Others, the love for them had disappeared since they were too old to help anyone else. Or life was made so miserable for them that they preferred to be in those buildings. And some simply could not afford the rent that they had to pay according to the amount they were receiving on their pension.

What bothers me is that some are in there of there own free will but for many, they are put in there and then they are forgotten as if they never existed. That’s what gets me. I count myself lucky that I can live on my own and provide for myself. Once I had to ask for help and that was for medical reasons and I was helped right away and no questions were asked. I really appreciated that and those same people offered that I could go and live with them. I refuse because I felt that I would be interfering in their private lives. Besides my son is living with me now and he did not want to move.

Old people are not to be discarded. They are not old antiques. They are people with feelings and a lot of insights to offer those who might bother to listen. They don't belong in a warehouse. They did so much for others that some of that kindness and comfort needs to be repaid.

That is my Rant of the day.

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