Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I can't believe this one

After watching this video, I can’t believe how stupid some educated fools (like some politicians) would believe some of the garbage that is on this video.

A woman actually thinks that she is a man because of her feelings of being more male than female. After seeing a doctor, and answering his questions he recommends that she be identified as a male. That's all it took. So she goes to the government and presents her I.D. and the letter from the doctor. Bingo she is now known as a male.

I would say if a male or female has that kind of thinking of being something that he/she is not than an operation should be in order - paid for by the person asking for a gender change, otherwise be known as a homosexual.

This is the kind of thinking that afflicts this world people refusing to accept things as they are and wanting to change it as what they would want it to be. Damn stupid uneducated idiots.

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