Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bad guy Mr. Trump?

That is what Hillary Clinton and her entourage would like people to think. Too many things have been written against her not to believe some of them. Does she think that most American people are stupid and believe everything she says?

I am not an American and it’s hard for me not to believe some of the things that she has been accused of doing. Another thing that she does is to start coughing when asked certain questions; now that could be intentional or not. I know personally that at times I will start coughing and not because of pneumonia - I don’t have that - but because of my smoking and at times as soon as I start to say something I cough my guts out. But with Hillary Clinton it's something else.

I really believe that Mrs. Clinton and her entourage are trying their best to make Mr. Trump seem to be a bad guy and even lie about it if need be. They say Mr. Trump would be quick to press a button to start a nuclear war and that’s one thing I wouldn’t believe because he knows how weak Mr. Obama has degraded the country and made it to the point of the United Sates could not sustain a dragged out war and that’s why he would not start one. The Clintons and entourage would want to make you think that Mr. Trump is brainless - to me he seems to have them all beat in that department.

It’s like he says he would like to become president to rid the country of the corruption that is going on. He might act as a dictator at the start because of the cleaning up whether he would go back to normal afterwards would remain to be seen. To me the less of 2 evils to vote on would be Mr. Trump.

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