Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Gods - how many do we have?

First of all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as to how many gods we have. On the internet we tend to find out how many of those gods people have. Just to name a few examples, there is a moon god, a sun god, a god for the forest and many more.

Well I hate to break this news to you but ever since I was a kid I was always told that there was only one true God and He was the creator of all that wasn’t man made. To me if there is other gods they are the imagination of some poor soul that can’t believe what they are told or have no faith in anything but for themselves. 

In a sense I don’t really believe that those believers in more than one god are really at fault because these days it’s hard to believe everything that is said by anyone. Because of lies rumors and faulty writings like there are even in some Bible versions some information is missing. Because of the Bible having been written too soon in humanity's life and not enough scrolls or tablets have been found by archeologists to really write down what happened in those Biblical days, there is a lot of gaps in our knowledge. The results of having written those things too soon might have had sentences or paragraphs missing so they wrote what made sense to them instead of what should have been written. resulting in creating confusions among the readers and preachers. The difference can be seen in the first writings of the Old Testament and the new one of the scrolls or tablets that were found.

My next post will be on the actions the real God our no. 1 and only does to us on leaving this rotten world.

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