Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Driving - To tell the truth

Here in Québec, don’t anyone dare to call the department responsible for giving you your driving permit because they will find a way of suspending you - especially if you are a senior. Here is what happened to me. Since my eyes were getting really bad, I called them and asked them to suspend my driving permit because of my eyes. I’m stubborn but knowing that if I drove while my driving permit was suspended I would be charged. 

I made an appointment to find out what was wrong with my eyes only to find out I had cataracts. So I went into the hospital and had my eyes operated on. Once that was done, I called to get the department responsible for issuing drivers permits to send me the papers to get a physical (which they did) because I am a senior and I knew I had to do that in order to drive again. But after receiving them I couldn’t find a doctor for a physical for over a year. To make matters worse, I had moved and in the move a box was lost and the papers that I had received for a physical were in that box.

So I sent a request to the department responsible for issuing those driving permits and explained why I needed those papers again. Instead of sending me those papers they sent me a letter that I was suspended because I hadn’t driven for a couple of years. The thing is, I drove almost every damn thing that could be driven except tractor trailers but even tandems loaded with sand and gravel. When I came to Québec, I exchanged my Ontario license and was given just a regular drivers’ license as if I had never driven before. Now according to the letter that they sent me, it was as if I had never driven before and I would have to start all over again. After having driven for almost 40 years, them wanting me to start all over, they must be sick or are sing any excuse because I am a senior and they just want to make more money for the department. All I can say to this department is that they can shove it where the sun don’t shine. I’ll move instead of spending money here for a driving permit. One thing I would like to ask the person who sent me that letter, "Who is more dangerous - a person that just got his/her driving permit or a person that has driven for decades without any accident?"

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