Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The USA. (Part1)

I had never taken much interest in American politics until a few years ago. I used to read the news from the USA but not on politics. My reasons for reading the news of the USA is because every day there was always something new to read. I used to read about the news here in Canada but it was not as interesting as what was going on in the USA. The population of the USA is a lot bigger then here and it therefore has to have a bigger government. So every day there was always something different to read.

As a result of following the new from the USA, I would now hesitate to even go there for a visit. Not knowing if I would be shot or wounded by some drive-by shooter or I might say something that would offend someone is reason enough to avoid the nation. These days going to the USA, a person would have to keep their mouth shut because of saying something that before you could say without being called a racist or being accused of discrimination or being accused of being prejudiced. I also noticed that in the past 5 to 6 years, what used to be a minority are now a majority - at least they are the majority vocally. What used to be abnormal has now become the normal. Here is what I’m talking about; homosexuality, marriage of same sex couple, and discrimination against religions, problems with statues or pictures that represent any kind of faith, and also what they call churches of the devil. The USA used to be a God fearing nation.

Now from what I can deduce I’m just wondering how many Americans believe that there was ever a creator at all or do they believe that what we have now has always existed?

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