Sunday, January 31, 2016

Liberal payback to a stupid electorate

A few days back, January 25th actually, I was listening my favorite radio station CFRA. There were a lot of complaints about the Liberals. In a sense I was so happy to hear about all the complaints because before voting day, I had warned people about the Liberals and the NDP and what they stood for and their positions on policy. Yet still they ignored a party that had done a good job for this country, the Conservatives.

I had also warned that (now Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau had not been in politics long enough to know how to manage a country and just because his dad was the Prime Minister at one time doesn’t mean that his son 'Justine' is qualified to be the prime minister. That's not a resume. I must also state that as long as he is with the Liberals he will never learn how to manage the business of the country as the only thing he will learn is how to get more money from its citizens. But I suspect that's what he wants anyway.

Now you people who voted for him you will find out some things the hard way. Most of the promises he made to get elected he will not be able to keep. Of course to him it sounded good and he must have figured that it would bring him more votes. It looks like it did. And letting all of those refugees in, that would be good for the next election as it will bring him their votes. Hey, if things don’t work out blame Mr. Harper just like J. W. Bush is still being blamed in the USA after 7 years of another know-nothing has led that country into ruin. A true leader takes the blame for his mistakes and doesn’t blame someone else. Liberals don't seem to get that. Deny their own flaws, and blame others. That's not leadership,it's cowardice.

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