Thursday, January 7, 2016

Accepting refugees

One morning last month while listening to the radio station CFRA the Lowell Green talk show I noticed that there was a lot of criticism on the refugees policies that the Liberals have brought in. Some were saying that those refugees didn’t look like they had slept in tents and did not look as if they were having a rough life wherever they came from because of the luggage and jewellery that some of them had.  There was even an iPad. Now I wouldn’t know what they looked like or what they had as luggage or the type of clothes they wear wearing because I wasn’t there and have never seen a video of them.

Were they brought in because they were having a hard time or was it done out of feeling sorry for them from the leader of the Liberals? Or was it advice from Obama telling our Prime Minister to look forward to the next federal elections and the extra votes that they could get him? If that was so, I would advise our Prime Minister not to take any advice from that self-appointed King of the USA Barack Obama as he’s doing a good job at degrading that nation and he might try and give advice to degrade this nation as well. Be it deliberate or just a lack of understanding on how to run a country, we don't need bad advice from him.

His kind of 'leadership' advice we don’t need in this country. For refugees in dire need, I have no problem with them being accepted into this country because they are humans just like we are (and this includes Muslims, except for the radicals). It seems like Obama already has a border open where those radicals can come in and that is the border at the south. I would be very surprised to find out if he hasn’t put his nose in this election that we just had either himself or sent one of his flunkies with some kind of advice like he poked his nose when the Israelis’ had their election.

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