Sunday, January 3, 2016

Offending someone.

I’m 80 years old and I’ve never heard so much of "don’t say this or don’t say that because it might offend someone" as I do these days.  They call it being politically correct. These days not to offend someone basically means that everyone should keep their mouths shut and not say anything. In other words you should forget that we were ever taught to speak what was on our minds. I think that all this garbage started in the USA and of course having copycats here in Canada it has spread over here as well. This kind of garbage infringes on the free speech that we are supposed to have.

Yes, I will go along with taking care of what you say if you know that it’s going to cause some kind of disturbance and/or would cause damages, injuries or the killing of someone. That would be taking the right to free speech too far. On that side of the equation there is a big problem too, as some people tend to wag their tongue before doing any thinking of what the results could be from offering their little comment. I must also mention that what you say, if not said in a way that simply cannot be misinterpreted at all, chances are that you’re going to be tagged as a racist or being prejudice because it might affect someone with a different colour skin or nationality.

I offer this humourous video on racism for your consideration. 

Like I mentioned before, what goes on in the USA spreads over here in Canada. In the USA, the minority has become the majority and here in Canada the same thing is happening. I really believe what used to be called free speech will become a crime and you will have to have a permit and be censured before saying what you would like to say. And why woldn't that happen? After all, we have to have a permit for almost everything else we do.

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