Thursday, January 14, 2016

The egotistical sickness

Being egotistical is a sickness. I realize that everyone has some symptoms of this disease at times, but it seems that this disease is so potent for some it has infected 100%, and for them, it taken away their intelligence. As a result they are prone to make a wrong, even foolish, decision when an educated decision is required. For instance, if you have been following American politics lately, since Obama was elected he doesn’t seem to be able to do as he states he will. He regularly makes wrong decisions when an educated ones are very necessary, given the importance attached to presidential decisions. I've listed numerous examples in the past to support this claim.

Of course he's also affected by the liars’ disease which is a terrible combination of afflictions to have. Now I’ve just given you an example of a person that is 100% affected with that disease. Now you people in America are screwed for the next election. You have a person that seems to be 100% affected with the disease running to succeed him. Should this egotistical untrustworthy, liar who is also affected by the money that she can scrounge off people win, she would provide a continuation of Obamas’ agenda which would mean goodbye USA.

Here in Canada some voters made a choice of electing someone that has no experience in governing a country. Trudeau has not been in politics long enough to know how to run a country. For that matter if he had been, he's still favour bad policies because he's ideological. But worse, he also has the egotistical sickness. He doesn’t read or listen to the news too much because if he did he would know how bad those radicals ISIS (or ISIL, whatever their supposed to be called) really are. But in his egotistical mind, he already knows what the right course for Canada is, and he's not about to change. Facts will only get in the way.

Taking in all those Syrian refugees - was it a decision from the heart or was Trudeau looking forward to a future election knowing by taking them would bring on more votes for his party? That's an ego driven decision either way to be honest. In the former case it's to show what a great, compassionate person he is. In the latter case, it's about winning and maintaining power. That can be ideological but it also relates to his ego.

He has made a lot of promises during the election but a lot of them he will not be able to keep. When he doesn't deliver, then there’s only one thing to do BLAME HARPER. That keeps him looking good. EGO. And he doesn't feel like a failure within himself too. EGO. Another thing I hope he doesn’t do is to take any advice from Obama because he’s not one to provide advice because he's ruining the USA - because of his ego.

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