Thursday, July 30, 2015

Revisiting E-cigarettes.

A couple of months ago I wrote a few posts on e-cigarettes. At the time of writing those posts I said that these e-cigarettes were helping me to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. My son and I were given each a kit of those e-cigarettes and we started using them that same day. After a couple of days, my son could not use them anymore because he was allergic to the Propylene Glycol in them. So he ordered some without the glycol. But without it he could not taste anything and when he told me that, I tried it, and sure enough there was no taste whatsoever.

I kept smoking the e-cigarettes for approximately 8 months without tobacco cigarettes. Even though I had cut down from 24 grams of nicotine to 12 grams per bottle, I still coughed my guts out and the taste for a real cigarette was always on my mind. I have to admit I had been smoking for 63 years previously and that might have had something to do with it.

I went back to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes just to find out that my lungs seemed to have shrunk from the amount of oxygen that they would take in after smoking those e-cigarettes. After a couple of days of regular tobacco cigarettes they seem to be able to allow more oxygen in, as if they had opened up. I kept on coughing just as much as with the e-cigarettes. Then I stopped smoking and evaporating for a couple of days which was hard to do. But then I had no coughing fits. But an addiction is next to impossible to give up that easily. I tried the e-cigarettes and the coughing began just like as if I took a drag from a regular cigarette.

I would say before everyone advertises that e-cigarettes are better for you they had better have more research done on them. Lets face it - nicotine is a poison like a pesticide, and inhaling it in vapor form would affect the lungs just as bad, if not worse? I threw that e-kit in the garbage and went back to regular tobacco cigarettes. To me it seems that the only ones who could quit by evaporating would be the ones that have just started smoking.

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