Tuesday, July 28, 2015

NDP and Liberals are not the right choice.

I’m just wondering if these two parties - the Liberals and the NDP - know the difference between human, civilized Muslims and animal thug jihadist radical Muslims. On Facebook I shared what I had read on my timeline about those two parties. If the NDP or Liberals are elected in the next federal election, we can look forward to an influx of Muslims into this country. But that influx will include the good ones and the radical ones. It seems that they can’t tell the difference between the good Muslims and the radicals. In fact they act as if they were sympathizers of the radicals, without meaning to or not knowing the difference. I don’t mind the good Muslims as I know a few of them and they seem to be good people. I have no problem with them. But if radicals come amidst the good Muslims, they don't carry an ISIS flag to identify themselves.

I would say those parties would feel at ease if they had a leader like the supposed-to-be-leader. self-proclaimed-king of the USA Obama as their party leaders. It seems that they have the same thinking as that Muslim sympathizer in the White House. The one responsible for degrading the nation of the USA. The who who has been reducing the number of soldiers and weakening the military so much that a nation with good slingshots might be able to invade the country and take it over without too many problems.

So be smart and stay safe in the next election: vote Conservative. Mr. Harper at least, wants to keep the citizens of this country safe from those radicals. He seems to be able to tell the difference between radicals are and non radicals.

Have a good day.

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