Friday, July 24, 2015

Phonies or not?

I had a couple of friends that dropped in for a visit the other day. A conversation started about a few different subjects. One of the subjects was about some of the contents on Facebook and how phony some people were on some of the comments that they put on especially about their religious beliefs. The other day I read a letter to Jesus on Facebook, and the person that wrote it had written it as a love letter, it seemed, to a girlfriend or a gay boyfriend. I would say that was going overboard. To me the person that writes a letter like that to Jesus is not too well balanced in the brain department because Jesus was a man and not a female.

I understand some that write comments are genuine in their faith and some are just plain phonies who try and make believe that they really have faith just to belong with the ones who are actually faithful among their friends.

What I find weird in all of this I have never seen or read a comment or a love letter to the Virgin Mary, who is supposed to be Jesus’ Mother. I would say she was female. Well phony or not at least the word is being spread about Jesus and God and to my concern Jesus and God are one and the same as stated by Jesus “My Father and I are but one.”

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