Thursday, July 2, 2015

The 'Best' X Factor Auditions.

I’ve been watching the auditions on the show X Factor, I would say for the past year and half. If you want to see how deluded some people’s confidence can be this is the show to watch. Some of those contestants are so bad that they can never hope to be what they are auditioning to be. When a contestant is told the reason why they should not advance to the next level, some of them throw a tantrum. For example, there was one friend who punched the other friend in the face on the stage after the judges had given their opinion. There are some who insult the judges or throw their microphone on the floor. There are those who refuse to leave the stage when they are told by a judge and they have to be taken out by security.

I do have to say that some judges are insulting in their comment. They shouldn’t be allowed to do as it’s supposed to be a professional program. For instance Simon Cowell was saying to a group of girls after singing that they sounded like cats having a fight. Britney Spears acting as a judge telling two guy’s after they had finished that they sounded like the chipmunks. It’s enough to tell people there not good enough to go to the next level without insulting them. I realize the judges have to give their opinion on why the contestant should not go to the next level, but they don’t have to be mean and insulting as there are better ways to tell a contestant the performance was not what they were looking to see.

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