Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kanye West

I know this happened a while back but getting my posts out has been trying for a while now. I wrote this back when it happened a few weeks ago.

This is ridiculous. This guy Kanye West must think that he is the best performer in the world. He stops his performance and demands a guy in a wheelchair stand up before he continues.

Well, I have news for Kanye West - he’s no better than anyone else and just because he’s a singer it doesn’t make him a King. I would say this guy has the same disease as president Obama. To be egoistical must be a sickness that travels through the air because a lot of these singers and actors/actresses have got it. Those people are no better than anyone else. They do have a skill, and a whole lot of luck to get rich and famous because a lot of people have skills and don't get famous for it.

Now, for a performer to tell people to stand up or he won’t sing until they do there must be something wrong with this man's brains. Very interesting to read how some of those people are.

Now for sure I will be classed as a racist because I’m criticizing a non-white person. In the USA it seems that everyone that criticizes a non-white person is automatically a racist. I'm no more a racist than Kanye West has the power to make people stand when they can't.

Recently I’ve been listening to the UK version of the show X Factor (the auditions) and I will tell you right now that some of those people are more talented than some of the singers that we have now. I’m talking about kids from 9 years old up to teenagers. I hate rap music but listening to some of them it changed my mind. Any one of them that would come out with a CD, I would not hesitate to buy one. One thing I know for sure is that what we have now as rappers, some of these people that are famous for rapping, would be upstaged by these woman and kids that are winning their auditions.

I just hope that those people from the X Factor if they ever get to the top, they don’t ever get the same disease as some of the singers we have now.

That’s my rant of the day.

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