Friday, March 30, 2012

Ignorant people

Yes, I wrote ignorant people and once you have read this you will know what I mean. 

In Quebec we have Videotron for  telephone and cable service. In September 2009, my dog got really sick so I called the people that took care of the telephone services hired by Videotron. The lady working as the operator came on and I asked her the telephone number for the Hull veterinarian hospital and she asked "What’s the name of the  hospital?”"

I answered "animal hospital". 

Then she said "I need a name" 

And I said "lady it’s a hospital for animals and there is only one of them here."

I hung up because she still insisted on a name. I could not convince her that it was called the animal hospital.

The result of that frustrating conversation, perhaps not directly but certainly it was a contributing factor, was that my dog died.  I did not have transportation to bring her down to the animal hosptial, but they would have sent someone over like they had done for my neighbor's dog. They might have been able to save her or put her out of her misery because she was really suffering.  

It still bothers me.

At the time I even called the police  and explained what was happening then I asked them to see if they could come and shoot her because she was suffering and they said no that they could not do that. .

The following Monday I called Videotron and explained what had happened and the answer they gave me was that they had had enough complaints about that company so they'd have to get someone else. I don’t think they did because today Tuesday I called wanting to know the telephone number for the Hull hospital here in Hull and the woman that answered wanted the name of the place I was asking for.  I think they still kept the same people but I finally did get a number after yelling at them.

Now these people might of been trained but I think they fell asleep while training and were not tested on what they were supposed to have been trained and if they would of been tested some of them would have been on welfare.

That’s my rant of the day.

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