Monday, March 19, 2012

Province of Ontario

For those who read my rants, I must give the impression that I hate the province of Ontario. Actually, I like Ontario and its people but its provincial government I don’t like.

The way I see it, that government is always looking at different ways to pick the pockets of its citizens, while making sure that the citizens don’t get any thing back for what they pay in increases.

Here is an example; they raised the prices for driving permits, to register an automobile. In other words anything that has to do with an auto or trailer or testing of a drivers competence is now going to be more expensive.

They are getting close to charging almost the same as Quebec. But here in Quebec, at least a licensed driver is insured for the fee that you pay on your driving permit. If you get into an accident, you are insured personally but not your car or truck, you still need insurance on those.

But if you do get in to a bad accident and for some reason your injuries prevent you from going back to work you are covered until you are able to do so. This is what I mean: you pay, but if something happens like I mentioned, then you do get something back for what you paid into. Do you have the same in Ontario? No.

That’s my little rant of the day.

Have a good day.

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