Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Politicians again

Have you ever really listen to a politician when they give a speech? especially when they are announcing something about what the government has just come out with? Here are some of my 'favorite' sentences/ideas. "Other countries did it and its working fine", "we are better off than some other countries", or "we have to look out for the future of our children".

All this and that about what the other countries politicians come out with is not important. This is Canada - our country - and I don’t care what these other countries do or don’t do. I think they only say things like this if they think that we the citizens will put up a fuss. 

I must apologize I stated Canada is our country. A certain ex Prime Minister that has left this world for a better one took care of that with his Multiculturism drive. I forgot this was not our country anymore and I guess our present Prime Minister would not have the guts to bring back our country to what it used to be before that ex Prime Minister made it his own country. Now would Mulcair the present leader of the NDP try to bring this country back to us if He was the Prime Minister? I doubt it.

So we are stuck with a country that isn't Canada anymore, and with politicians saying that we should do what they are doing in Spain or Egypt or Thailand.  

That’s my little rant of the day. 

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