Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ontario’s Whiners

Some of Ontario’s whiners, are blaming the province of Quebec again. While reading the Sun News Paper I read this complain". According to the Whiners,  Quebec is getting too much money from the Feds for the immigrants, compared to what Ontario gets and that Quebec chooses the kind of immigrants that they want to accept. 

Here are some stupid complaints. When ever the Feds gives money to Quebec for some reason or other and its reported by the media here is the complaint: "I don’t want my tax money to go to Quebec".

Do these people think that we in Quebec don’t pay taxes to the Feds? Here is another one which I find kind of stupid. On the radio station C.F.R.A, while listening to the call in talk show program one person called in and said their license plate offend him and the talk show host asked him in what way his response was “ On their license plates its says I will remember.” He's talking about the Quebec license plate of course.  He didn't know  what he was talking about because it says I remember and not I will remember.

To avoid the complaints I think I'd better move out of this province and go back to Ontario even though the rents are cheaper here  (that is unless the building is owned by a person from Ontario -  then you can expect the rent to be at its maximum).  The by-law officers must be hiding somewhere because we're suppose to have some but I never see them.  The only ones we see are the parking by-law officers and they are around somewhere.  We also have too much freedom and our health program is bad. My  daughter from Ottawa informed me that it cost her 80.00 to get her eyes checked. Here I had cataracts removed in both of my eyes and it cost me 610.00 tax included to buy the soft permanent contacts and if I would have taken the ones offered for free it wouldn’t have cost me anything. Now tell me what it would have cost in Ontario if just eye checked cost 80.00?

Before some of you people criticize Quebec, find out if your beef is legit and then complain. Of course every one is allowed to express their opinion but, if it is stated without proper knowledge of what your complaining about, then you also accept the fact that people will think that you are an idiot and you would have already confirmed it yourself. 

I know I’ve complained a lot about the City of Ottawa on a previous post and I stand for what I said because the proof is on the Ottawa streets everyday.

Quite a while ago I complained about this whining lady that said that there should not be any smoking allowed out side. Well she is getting her wish not all what she wants. Its up for discussion at the City Hall in Ottawa about restricting smoking in city parks, beaches and outside of the restaurants' patios .

That’s my rant of the day.  Happy Valentine's Day.

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