Monday, February 13, 2012

Ottawa (the great Capital of Canada)

This is a city that most of the citizens would not vote for the N.D.P. because they claim that this party it’s a socialist party and that they are all for the unions.  Well to you citizens of Ottawa, you think you know about socialism? I must say in my opinion that you don’t, because if you did  you would not have re-elected some of the councillors that were there before the last election.

These  councillors have came out with so many and some very stupid by-laws that really point out that you are not free in your own city.  Everywhere you go, or what you do you never know when these little by-law officers will come out with their little writing pad and fine you for something.

Now they are talking about stopping people from smoking at outside patios and parks. They should close down the city and ban all vehicles from driving into the city including buses because the emissions from these vehicles are just as bad as cigarette smoke. And if you don’t believe me, go out in the early morning when its cold and you can really smell the exhaust from these vehicles when they drive by.

Yes I will admit that cigarettes are bad. I am a heavy smoker and I’ been doing it for 63 years and its starting to catch up to me - but to my surprise, no cancer yet. I’ve known a couples of people that have died of lung cancer and never smoked in their life. I also know of some that where younger than me and died because of liver failure caused by the consumption of alcohol. I guess there will never be some kind of a ban on alcohol anywhere even if the consumption of this beverage causes more damage to a person's mind and health.  Some people will do things that normally they would not do. Like commit a crime, any kind of crime, including murder and rape, because of alcohol.

Nicotine does not have that affect on people but it stinks. I will admit that cigarette smoke does stink but I would rather smell that than the smell of alcohol any time.  But you don’t hear any complaints about that to me alcohol breath reminds me of the smell of manure like I used to smell on the farm or the smell of all kinds of perfumes and deodorants that you smell on a crowded city bus on a real hot day.

I moved from Ottawa to Gatineau where you have freedom without having these by-law officers running around with their little pad hoping to get some one at fault so’s they can run back to city hall to appease their mommy.

The city of Ottawa should put out pamphlets to make sure that when the season starts for visitors coming to Ottawa they can be given one of those pamphlets just to make sure that they don’t break any by-laws. And also to warn the visitors not to go near the Ottawa river because its polluted with all the sewage that was left going into the river because of neglect of the councillors who were to busy in finding ways to get more money from the tax payers.

Those are my opinions and rant of the day.

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