Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bring back Canadian laws

Bring back Canadian  laws to our own country - which is supposed to be Canada.  Do away with Multiculturallism. Bring back our own culturalal roots (French in Quebec and English in the rest of Canada).

Any immigrant that wants to immigrate here should have to adhere to Canadian culture and if not they should be refused citizenship.  It only makes sense.  Canada is not supposed to lay down it's cultural sovereignty for the purpose of encouraging immigration.  Canada needs to remain Canada, not become some miniature version of the United Nations.  

Some countries have some very archaic laws like Sharia law.  Immigrants that have to pray 5 times a day can do it while working or studying.  Some immigrants are carrying weapons or something that resembles a weapon. Even for religion purpose, like the Gurpan, that's not something that fits in with Canadian sensibility or culture. Canadians can't carry concealed firearms but for some, long daggers are okay? That is a double standard. Non-Canadian culture that violates Canadian law however, is increasingly acceptable.  Why?  Canada is looking less and less like the country it used to be in the name of diversity.  But why is diversity a goal?  Countries like France have become increasingly Muslim, yet Muslim countries are not open to the same sort of change as France.  Is that the future Canada is striving to reach?  Again, why?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not suggesting that communication in public among themselves in their own language is wrong among immigrants. If they want that, fine.  But Canada only has two official languages Why spend taxpayer money to provide government services in forty different languages?  Canada is laying down and is going to disappear in a fit of obsequiousness. That is shameful.

Trudeau has given our country away including changing some laws to please other cultures without even consulting us Canadians about it. You can argue he had a mandate, but I don't think he did - not for that purpose at least.  Everyone is equal and it doesn't make any difference what nationality someone is.  But Canadian laws are our laws and not to be changed because of someone else's culture.  I never voted for that.
A big favor will have been done by the Conservative Party for this country if this multiculturalism is done away with.

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