Friday, December 9, 2011

This crazy world

This means WAR!!!!

I envy people that have to go out and work. My reason for saying this, is that while you're working, you're not sitting at home and listening to the news on the television or reading the news paper for lack of anything to do.

I know, upon reading this, some will say or think this guy must be crazy. Well after having worked for almost 60 years and then all of a sudden, sitting at home with nothing to do except listening and reading the news,  that’s how I discovered how sick this world is.

Every day one hears about some war going on someplace and people getting killed. Then you have all kinds of crimes, people getting murdered, people getting beaten up and robbed. Then there are people  predicting the end of the world.  There's people like Al Gore saying the planet is warming up and when people start saying that they didn't believe that, then it was changed to 'climate change'. Oh, and we are polluting the atmosphere. There are doctors and dietitians that tell you what to eat and not to eat. Then you have the governments (federal, provincial and municipal) all telling you what to do and what not to do. All these things you read about every day and it makes you wonder how did civilization make it  this far?

To get away from all these things, the best thing to do is stay at work as long as you can and when you get home you are tired and you're not interested in reading but watching TV, but then you fall asleep while doing so.

I never realized how bad this world was, till I retired and started to read and listening to the news.

That’s my rant .Have a good day

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